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Toro Introduces New Equipment for Homeowners at Equip Expo 2023

New TimeCutterĀ® MAX and TITANĀ® zero-turn models, eTimeCutterTM, eSnowMaster, and a revolutionary new outdoor experience unveiled

Oct 31, 2023  |   Homeowner

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Toro is excited to show off the latest in dynamic, cutting-edge equipment at Equip Expo 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. Headlining this power-packed lineup is Toro’s autonomous mower and a new concept to connect all your outdoor tools. Each of these innovative machines helps homeowners spend less time on chores and more time doing the things they love.

“Demand for battery power is at an all-time high and Toro’s Flex-Force batteries are a game-changer for homeowners. We’ve added to our 60V Flex-Force family — allowing for a full set of convenient, cordless tools for every season,” says Tom Werner, sr. director, marketing of the Residential and Landscape Contractor Business at Toro. “The innovation doesn’t stop there. Toro is propelling the industry into the future of yard maintenance with the addition of our smartyard product group. Visitors to this year’s Equip Expo will not only get to see our new robotic mower in action, but also get a sneak peek at the other exciting elements that make up the Toro smartyard connected outdoor experience.”

New TimeCutter® MAX and TITAN® Zero-Turn Mowers

Bigger, badder and what customers have been dreaming of. Toro overhauled the TimeCutter  and TITAN zero-turn models and created the most intimidating machines on the block. Designed to deliver unyielding performance, optimal comfort and slick styling — these zero-turn mowers are ready to conquer any challenge from ample acreage to tough terrain.

The new TimeCutter MAX and TITAN mowers are significantly larger than previous models and redefine what it means to be heavy-duty. Each machine is constructed with a fully tubular steel frame and is armed with a high-strength, high-performance IronForged® steel deck. The ultra-durable platform ensures years of reliability and leaves behind a perfectly manicured lawn in the machine’s wake. The new TITAN models are ready to mow down whatever crosses its path with the added strength of the extra-large bullnose on its deck. Each TimeCutter MAX model comes equipped with 20" drive tires with custom hybrid tread for maximum traction and turf friendliness. TITAN models are outfitted with 22" tires that won’t back down from anything that gets in their way.

The refreshed models feature aggressive ATV styling, like added cast tubes that encompass the machine and operator, giving off an envy-inducing profile as operators tackle the toughest jobs. The new TimeCutter MAX and TITAN mowers also feature ergonomic and performance enhancements. Take the custom, gaming-style seat designed to provide unmatched support in the operator's most needed areas. A new cockpit-like design puts the power at the operator's fingertips.

New eTimeCutterTM

Zero-turn meets zero engine exhaust emissions as Toro introduces its first all-electric TimeCutter mower. The new machine is built on the trusted and popular TimeCutter platform and rounds out Toro’s lineup of battery-powered mowers to allow customers to choose the size, price point and power source that fits their needs best.

The all-new eTimeCutter is powered by Toro’s super-charged 60V Max Flex-Force Power System. The 42" eTimeCutter comes with four 10Ah batteries and can mow up to two acres on a single charge, while the 54" model comes with five 10Ah batteries and one 4Ah battery that can mow up to 2.5 acres on a single charge. Each model also comes with a 6-pod charger that repowers the batteries fully in just 50 minutes. Each of those batteries comes standard with RunSmart® technology, which optimizes power output and overload protection in real time — for peak performance in the toughest conditions, giving the rider more performance, more runtime and longer life. The batteries can be swapped out and used in the entire line of Toro Flex-Force tools.

Living up to its namesake, the eTimeCutter makes quick work of lawn work. Operators can significantly cut mowing time with commercial-grade, zero-turn steering. But faster doesn’t mean a sloppy cut — the eTimeCutter utilizes the legendary IronForged deck to optimize the cut quality.

A next-level machine deserves next-level comfort. Toro has handcrafted a new high-back, adjustable seat to provide the ultimate in padding and back support on the base models of these new all-electric mowers. The 54" model is outfitted with Toro’s patented MyRIDE Suspension System, which features a suspended, fully floating shock adjustable operator platform that soaks up bumps and shields riders from rough terrain. Operators will have the added convenience of mowing whenever they want with the LED front headlights.

Finally, customers will appreciate reduced maintenance associated with the eTimeCutter. Without the hassle and need to refill a gas tank and change oil, belts and filters, customers can simply focus on enjoying a swift and efficient mowing experience.

New Haven® Smartyard by Toro®

Households are relying more and more on automation each day, and Toro’s looking to bring that experience outside. The all-new Toro Haven Smartyard is the industry’s first fully connected outdoor experience. This connected experience is an app-controlled smart system for mowing, lighting and irrigation to keep your yard running harmoniously no matter where you are. The driving force behind this system is Toro’s innovative robotic mower.

The Haven robotic mower was built with the industry’s first vision-based navigation system. Instead of relying on GPS or Wi-Fi to guide itself, which usually means homeowners must install costly boundary wires or rely on spotty GPS, the Haven robotic mower builds virtual 3D maps of your lawn. It utilizes onboard cameras to know exactly where it’s been, and where it needs to go next.

The robotic mower can map up to five separate areas of a yard’s designated smartzones with the easy-to-use Haven app, and homeowners can set quality standards to ensure the perfect cut for each area. Equipped with cutting-edge mowing technology and designed with overall turf health in mind, the mower performs frequent, micro grass cuts to repeatedly introduce nutritious mulch back into the lawn. When it comes to scheduling, it utilizes the map of your property to  recommend mowing times. Homeowners can then easily edit and customize that schedule via the app — for example, mowing at night or on specific weekdays depending on your lifestyle.

Toro has two options for Haven models. The first, RM1, is designed for homes with up to .75 of an acre. RM1S can handle up to a 1.25-acre yard. Each of these robotic mowers is weatherproof and rated to climb up to a 25-degree slope. When it comes to safety, the mower features collision and lift sensors and is third-party verified to ensure that family, pets and property are protected during operation.

New eSnowMaster

The 60V Max eSnowMaster provides homeowners the best of both worlds — the impressive power of a two-stage snow blower and the speed and lightweight handling of a single-stage snow blower, now battery-powered. Maintenance is simple with the electrification of the popular product line, eliminating the need for trips to the gas station, oil changes and adding fuel stabilizers to prepare for the offseason.

Focusing on performance, the eSnowMaster clears driveways quickly and effectively thanks to many features, including a compression-loaded scraper. The scraper closely follows the terrain of the path to clear snow straight down to the pavement. Simple controls and a Personal Pace self-propel system make the 60V Max eSnowMaster easy to operate. Automatic steering allows for smooth, tight turns free of strain and contributes to a hassle-free snow-blowing experience. The 60V Max eSnowMaster also uses Toro’s tried-and-true Quick Stick Chute Control, an innovative joystick design that enables a quick change of chute direction and angle.

Other features of note include a 24″ clearing width and 18″ intake height, 45' throwing distance and enough battery power to clear a 20-car driveway on a single charge. The 60V Max eSnowMaster — like the eTimeMaster — is powered by Toro’s Flex-Force Power System, adding to Toro’s already expansive 60V lineup.

For more information about these exciting new offerings from Toro, please visit toro.com.

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